1919 I 2019 From the Ritz to El Palace

100 years of excitement, innovation, culture and creations.

100 years of tunes, rythms, dances and dancers.

More than 100 coincidences, more than 100 banquets, more than 100 surprises, and most probably, more than 100 accidental encounters...

100 years of experiences, hopes, tastes, smells, emotions, colours, voices, aromas, emotions... 

Have you shared special moments with us?

Weddings, anniversaries, special occasions. If you’ve lived special moments at the hotel, and you have them on photos, we invite you be part of the photographic album we’re putting together to celebrate the hotel’s anniversary.

Send us your pictures and enjoy an invitation for two to toast with our ‘A 100 sharings’ cocktail  at the hotel. 


Communication & Marketing:

Laura Fabregat y Clara Boronat