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A spectacular space for all five senses.

When entering the Bluesman Cocktail Bar, located in the basement of the hotel, it can be hard to imagine that this was once the coal bunker. With its fine wood, sumptuous velvet, marble bar, and seductive red walls, this one-of-a-kind speakeasy has become a haven for music lovers and cocktail enthusiasts alike.

It should be no surprise that this space quickly became a meeting place for the people of Barcelona. Antique lamps from the 1920s adorn the walls and set the mood for the impressive live shows that are held here regularly.

This not-so-secret retreat offers a collection of some of the best cocktails in the city. With live music three nights a week, you can enjoy the perfect acoustics alongside an expertly crafted drink made using one of the hundreds of different spirits and liqueurs on hand.

For those tobacco lovers, the Cigar Club, located next to Bluesman Cocktail Bar, if a cigar cellar offering some of the best tobacco in the world. You can enjoy smoking in the elegant leather armchairs in same meeting room where historic figures from the past gathered to talk about cinema, culture, and politics. Call us at (+34)9356789021 to reserve your place


Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 7:00 pm to 01:00 am.

Live music from 10:30 pm to 12:30 pm

Minimum consumption: €75 at Bluesman Cigar Lounge

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Bluesman Cocktail Bar Hotel El Palace Barcelona
Bluesman Cocktail Bar Hotel El Palace Barcelona

A preview of Los Carosones


Come in, have a seat, and enjoy

The head bartender at Bluesman Cocktail Bar is the creative mind behind the expansive cocktail menus offered both in the Bluesman Cocktail Bar and the Rooftop Garden.

chef barman of Bluesman Cocktail Bar

A self-proclaimed cocktail archaeologist, our barmans are fascinated by spirits and how their flavours can be manipulated into exciting new wholes. The menu at Bluesman Cocktail bar is a glimpse into the past, offering the highest quality cocktails while giving a nod to their birthplaces and inventors. In the expansive menu at Bluesman Cocktail Bar, you will find a stunning collection of spirits from all over the world.

These can be enjoyed on their own or mixed into one of our classic or contemporary cocktails. At the hands of our barman, a true spirit lover and connoisseur, these showstopping creations are taken to the next level. When paired with the live music and specially-crafted tapas menu made to pair with these gems of mixology, your night will certainly become unforgettable.

Tell us about your event by phone at +34 93 510 11 30 or by e-mail at bluesman@hotelpalacebarcelona.com and we will help you personalise it.


Watercolor painting with Joel Miñana

Under the expert guidance of illustrator Joel Miñana, you will delve into the fascinating art of watercolor. From basic techniques to professional tricks, unlock your creativity in a unique environment. Imagine painting while enjoying the exclusivity of an authentic 50's speakeasy. With each brushstroke, you will experience the pleasure of illustration accompanied by a delicious Grey Goose cocktail, elevating your experience to another level. Get your tickets for Taller de acuarelas by Joel Miñana at Bluesman Cocktail Bar, in Barcelona!

Dates: 24th of January, 21 of Febuary and 20th of March
Time: From 7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
Location: Bluesman Cocktail Bar
Price: 25€ per person and workshop
Book your ticket in FeverUp App HERE

Watercolor workshop - Hotel El Palace Barcelona


Bluesman Cigar Lounge

Born out of a desire to share the passion for tobacco with others, the Bluesman Cigar Lounge is an exclusive area where guests can purchase, store, and enjoy the finest cigars in the world. 

This space used to be where historical figures converged in Barcelona to talk about cinema, culture, and politics. Now, guests can absorb their aura while lounging in the fine leather chairs and the intimate, elegant atmosphere of this tobacco haven.

El Palace Smokers Club aims to share the passion for cigars in an intimate,

elegant and exclusive environment for cigar lovers. The club is located in the Bluesman Cocktail Bar, in the basement of the hotel. This space was formerly used as the hotel’s coal bunker and later became the chat room where the renowned celebrities of the world of cinema, culture and politics of the 20th century met when they stayed in the city.

There is a cigar cellar located next to the club, where members have at their disposal a selection of the best brands and kinds of tobacco. This space also has personal lockers for the members who want in order to keep their cigars in optimal conditions.

Minimum consumption: €75 at Bluesman Cigar Lounge

El Bluesman Cigar Lounge Hotel El Palace Barcelona


Your night out

Some of the most intriguing bars in the world are found in unexpected places, such as the Bluesman hidden in the basement of El Palace Barcelona. This hidden watering hole invites those who find it to enjoy cocktails, live music and a cigar club. All this in a chic and modern 1920s setting.

The best Live Music

With live jazz, blues, soul, and more, you are going to want to ensure you have a spot. Check our upcoming concert and be sure not to miss it!


When cocktail siren sing

When you’re in the mood to sip on a tasty concoction, head to Bluesman Cocktail Bar for some of the best cocktails in Barcelona

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Cuban adult pleasure

With more than 50 different Cuban cigars on hand, the Bluesman Cigar Lounge has brought the best of Havana to the heart of Barcelona. Join our select smoker club where during the last 100 years history has been made