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Carner Barcelona is located around the corner from El Palace Barcelona and embodies Barcelona's Mediterranean soul, history, culture, art, and design. Founded by siblings Sara and Joaquim Carner in 2010, the brand fuses their passion for high perfumery with their unconditional love for Barcelona and its Mediterranean culture. Descendants of a long family of Spanish leather artisans, the Carners instilled in Carner Barcelona the traditional know-how of Catalan artisan culture in close collaboration with the best local designers and suppliers in the creation of their brand and its perfumes.

As Sara Carner explains, "we trust the experience and dedication of our local manufacturers because we believe that this is the only way in which we can infuse the brand with the Mediterranean culture that we celebrate."

Carner Barcelona encapsulates the vibrant spirit of Barcelona in each individual bottle.

Nothing is left to chance; wood, the DNA of the brand, is visually represented in the solid cap of our bottles. Wood caps sourced from sustainably managed European forests, handcrafted and engraved individually in Barcelona.

The elegant glass bottle is an ode to the contemporary spirit of Barcelona. Clean lines and black and white colours portray the simplicity and effortless attitude of living along the Mediterranean Coast.

By true artisans

Scents with identity

El Palace Barcelona partners with luxury local perfumer, Carner Barcelona to curate a series of perfumes inspired by the artists of the hotel’s Signature Art Suites

Perfume Carner Barcelona - Hotel El Palace Barcelona

El Palace Barcelona is proud to announce a new partnership with local perfumer Carner Barcelona as part of its desire to establish and support like-minded local brands.

The five perfumes have been carefully selected by the Carners for their distinct noses and inspiration by the artists who lend their names to the eponymous suites. As guests enter each suite, they are immediately immersed not only in each Suite’s signature design, but the world of each artist via the power of smell. El Palace Barcelona will include a 100 ml bottle of each perfume in the Art Suites for the use of its guests during their stay. Customers who wish to purchase any of the fragrances can do so by visiting the Carner Barcelona store or via the hotel’s Concierge department. A bespoke tour and personal scent shopping appointment can also be arranged through the Concierge.

The Salvador Dali Art Suite- FIG MAN The beauty of the sea and its surrounding landscape were a constant source of inspiration for the surrealist artist Salvador Dalí. The fig tree, the Mediterranean tree par excellence, was the main focus in his painting "The Fig Tree Man." The fresh, green, and earthy Fig Man fragrance is a tribute to the artist and his signature beloved fig tree.

The César Ritz Art Suite - CUIRS The CUIRS perfume transports guests back in time to the era, when Cesar Ritz lived in artisan workshops where the smoke from smoking pipes mixed with the smell of freshly tanned wet leather. It is a perfume full of character and a fusion of noble woods, leather, and tobacco.

The Carlos Ruiz Zafón Art Suite - DANCE Memories of dance and seductive glances are brought to life with this elegant and sensual perfume with tones of flowers, musks, and wood chords reminiscent of the nostalgia of traditional bookstores.

The Joan Miró Art Suite - BO-BO An ancient Catalan folk dance, the Bo-Bo, is a lively and joyous custom that transmits the traditional festive Mediterranean spirit, and is deeply rooted in Catalan culture, just as the work of Joan Miró

The El Palace Suite by Ronnie Wood - ROCK STAR A signature Rock Star scent for one of our favorite rock stars. This perfume is inspired by the depths of the sea with its variety of beings, colors, shapes, and textures that coexist in harmony. Contrasts of nature - colorful and ephemeral, yet robust and eternal come to life as opposites find the perfect balance in this signature scent like our beloved Ronnie Wood.