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About Hispano Suiza

About Hispano Suiza Cars

Founded in Barcelona in 1904 by Damián Mateu and Marc Birkigt Hispano Suiza is a proud Spanish car brand, owned by four generations of the Suqué Mateu family. Between 1904 and 1946, Hispano Suiza built more than 12,000 luxury vehicles and 50,000 aeroplane engines.

Now reborn, the company has created the new Hispano Suiza Carmen, a pioneering model from the ‘hyperlux’ segment, through a unique blend of timeless design, exquisite luxury, painstaking craftsmanship and scrupulous attention to technical and engineering details.

Hispano Suiza plans to become one of Europe’s most luxurious and exclusive supersport car manufacturers, producing cars of the highest quality to the world’s most discerning motorists.

The brand is proud of its Spanish roots with its headquarters, technical centre, and manufacturing facilities all based in Barcelona, and a direct family lineage tracing four generations to the founder Damián Mateu.

Hispano Suiza & El Palace Barcelona

Sharing common brand values

Hispano Suiza and Hotel El Palace Barcelona

As an Ambassador Hotel, El Palace Barcelona will provide its VIP guests with visits and premium experiences in collaboration with the luxury carmaker. The hotel, which shares common brand values with the luxury car and racing company such as elegance, history and love for Barcelona, becomes part of the select group of Hispano Suiza Ambassador Hotels. The agreement will include different awareness activities, as well as visits and premium experiences courtesy of Hispano Suiza for the VIP guests of El Palace Barcelona.

El Palace Barcelona General Manager stated that “through this collaboration with a brand as close to our values as Hispano Suiza, we want to enable our guests to treasure experiences that go far beyond accommodation.” Hispano Suiza CEO Sergio Martinez Campos said that “Through this collaboration, Hispano Suiza aims to convey that the Barcelona brand and the history of this city as represented by El Palace Barcelona are a fundamental part of our DNA as a brand.”

Welcome Carmen Boulogne

To celebrate the new supercar, Hispano Suiza Carmen Boulogne, El Palace Barcelona will be offering “motorhead” guests two exclusive packages