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La Textil Hotel El Palace Barcelona

Inspired by music festivals where live music, food, and beer converge, La Textil is a multifunctional space. In the main restaurant on the ground floor, fire is the celebrated method of preparation using local and seasonal produce under the direction of Head Chef, Pablo Lagrange (previously at Tickets, Pakta, and Noma) and sous chef, Lucía (Enigma).

On the same level is the rustic craft beer tasting bar as well as a working on-site beer and gin craft-brewery. Downstairs, La Textil offers a fully sound-proof music area with the latest cutting-edge music technology.

Brian Blazek, founder of La Textil is a beer enthusiast: “I started researching the beer brewing process in 2007 and learned how to blend different flavours. La Textil is a very personal project that tries to unify music, food, and beer, as if it were the site of a permanent music festival. We have a fully working craft-brewery right in the heart of Barcelona, and it’s great to work with our local friends at El Palace Barcelona.”

El Palace Barcelona Craft Beer

Punto Violeta

The beer designed to be enjoyed at the hotel is of a style originating in Belgium that is characterized by the use of 50% unmalted wheat, which is responsible for the light color and cloudiness of the beer, as well as its silky body. The other dominant factor is the yeast used, which influences the aroma of the beer, with hints of clove and banana. This yeast comes from the Hoegaarden region of Belgium, where this type of blonde beer was first developed in monasteries around the 15th century.


In addition, this beer is also infused with orange peel and coriander seeds and is highly carbonated, which helps make it more refreshing, ideal to be sipped outdoors on the Palace Barcelona rooftop.


Its name, Punto Violeta, refers to the government program launched to raise awareness and combat sexual violence. It is also a beer made by a woman, Covadonga García, assistant to Brian Blazek, owner of La Textil.

Craft Beer from La Textil for Hotel El Palace Barcelona

Hotel El Palace Barcelona Craft Beer Punto Violeta