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Knowing why we work every day is essential to be able to reach our goals together.

Our MISSION: The Palace is the icon of traditional luxury in Barcelona. Since 1919 we have satisfied our guests by exceeding their expectations of excellence, thanks to the potential, professionalism and vocation of our team.

Our VISION: To be recognized as the leading hotel that reinvents its tradition, being an excellent option to enjoy the best of products and services, taking into account sustainable economic development through appropriate investments, ensuring job stability for our employees and maintaining high quality standards.


PASSION FOR THE CUSTOMER We are always predisposed and enthusiastic to create an experience that makes the Client and the Team feel valued and unique, enjoying the day to day and performing our role with pride and a positive attitude towards both.

EMPATHY We put ourselves in the place of another, Client or Guest, treating them with respect and kindness, with the ability to perceive and analyze the situation in which they are, making them feel our interest in the person and their reality. This is how we promote commitment and collaboration in the Team, as we all need to feel heard and supported.

INNOVATION Individually and as a group we create new ideas and implement them, favoring sustainability, optimizing what already exists and promoting new proposals for products, services or procedures, which imply growth and success for the Team and enjoyment for the Guests.

TEAMWORK We organize by combining skills and attitudes with open communications and true companionship, sharing experiences and knowledge, enhancing efforts, reducing time invested and increasing the effectiveness of results, celebrating strengths, collaborating to achieve the common goal that is the successful execution of the service. daily that we offer to our Clients and Guests

EXCELLENCE We do our best every day, looking for opportunities to grow, having the right tools, improving the use and efficiency of all resources, exceeding Clients' expectations and achieving Team satisfaction.

PROACTIVITY We actively anticipate expectations to make things happen; We do it with responsible planning and decisions, aimed at improvement and change.

ADAPTABILITY We adapt our behavior in a diverse, flexible and fast way to people and the needs of daily operations, with a correct understanding of changing scenarios and within the organization's policies.

RESPECT We recognize, accept and value the qualities of others and their rights, considering differences with tolerance, thus making a test of empathy and demonstrating it in our daily attitude. It is our recognition of self-worth and the rights of individuals and society. We are committed to the Environment, working to minimize the environmental impact of our actions, contributing to the preservation and conservation of biodiversity and promoting respect for our environment.