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Start the day with no hurries

The breakfast room at El Palace Barcelona is black, white – and green. The wrought iron touches are offset by the verdant beauty of the plants that line the walls of the room. The stone fountain in the centre sets the tone, which is of peace and an escape from the busy

city that surrounds us. The extensive breakfast that our staff prepares every morning contains dishes from all around the world to ensure that you can start the day the way you like best. For more information, call us at +34 93 510 11 30

The El Palace buffet breakfast is served daily from 7:30 am. at 11:00 a.m.

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El Jardín
El Jardín


A sweet breakfast

Sweet breakfasts are usually the most desired, but perhaps you have given them up to take care of your health. Well, we want to give you some good news! Sweet taste and health are not at odds, and we show it to you at the El Palace Buffet Breakfast.

The buffet has a proposal of cut seasonal fruits and numerous natural juices. Ideal to add color and energy to your breakfast.

And of course the pastries… one of the best things they have regarding food. Without a doubt, croissants are one of the most attractive products for breakfast: sweet, tasty, fragrant and freshly baked, they have an aroma that really makes your mouth water. Also dare with the "pain au chocolat" or the homemade cupcakes.

A sweet breakfast


An Iberian breakfast

Do you want to know what is in a typical Spanish breakfast? Each autonomous community has its typical Spanish breakfasts. In communities such as Andalusia and Asturias, the most typical breakfast is salty. On the other hand, in communities such as the Balearic Islands or Cantabria it is usually sweet.

Bread with tomato, ham and oil, the kings of savory breakfasts.

In Catalonia the tomato is one of the products with the greatest weight in homemade breakfast. Spread on bread, you can add a little extra virgin olive oil. It is accompanied with coffee, milk or juice. The "pa amb tomàquet" began to be eaten in the houses of the peasants, since the tomato was used to soften the stale bread.

Chocolate with Churros, the kings of sweet Sunday breakfasts.

The people of Madrid made chocolate with churros fashionable. Although they also have porras (a variant of churros) and coffee. This breakfast began to become famous at the beginning of the 19th century due to its cheap price, when it was brought by traveling vendors.

An Iberian breakfast


A healthy breakfast

Eating a well-balanced breakfast that's also tasty and exciting, can be tricky to do every single morning. At the Palace Buffet we make it easy for you.

Few ideas for a healthy breakfast: Avocado toast on a slice sprouted grain bread with fresh arugula and egg or 1 cup unsweetened Greek yogurt with low-sugar granola and fresh berries.

No matter what your peference, incorporate as many of the following ingredients into your breakfasts as possible: Protein Shakes, Whole Grains, Bananas, Eggs, Berries, Coffee, Seeds, Oats, Avocados, Unsweetened Greek Yogurt, Nuts and Nut Butter.

A healthy breakfast


An international breakfast

You've definitely heard it before: breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Therefore lots of people are used to eat a full breakfast with a mixed of salty and sweet dishes.

People around the world agree that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But what they think goes into a good breakfast is an entirely different matter. For some, breakfast is synonymous with eggs; for others, it’s not a complete meal unless it includes rice. Whether you prefer sweet or savory, coffee or tea, healthy or hangover-relieving, here’s what you can expect for your morning meal in 8 different countries.

Australia: Avocado toast and flat white.
Philippines: Silog and kape.
India: Idli sambar and kaapi.
Morocco: Bissara and mint tea.
Turkey: Kahvalti and black tea.
Israel: Malawach and coffee.
France: Bread and jam, and coffee.
Colombia: Arepa and coffee.

At Hotel El Palace Barcelona, we would like to offer you some of the most popular products for British breakfast, French breakfast, Asian breakfast, Northern American breakfast, Middle Easter breakfast and much more.

An international breakfast


Treat yourself or others

What better way is there to show your appreciation for someone than an El Palace Barcelona gift voucher? Give them an experience they will never forget.

A delicious breakfast in El Jardín

An indoor garden, where breakfast is served daily, has a touch of Paris to it with its black and white colour scheme and wrought iron touches. Our waiting staff would love to serve you a healthy and delicious breakfast, with international and local specialities.


Afternoon tea in the historic hall

Take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city to have a relaxing traditional afternoon tea. We offer savoury and sweet bites alongside a wide selection of teas or coffee, chamgane or cava, in the splendid historic main hall with live piano music.


The best Live Music

With live jazz, blues, soul, and more, you are going to want to ensure you have a spot. Check our upcoming concert and be sure not to miss it!