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Laura Velasco's Art Exhibition

El Palace Barcelona is proud to unveil its latest art exhibition in the Great Hall entitled ‘Libertad’ [Freedom], featuring works by illustrator Laura Velasco. The most recent exhibition to adorn the hotel’s historic walls will be open to the public from May through 11th September 2024. Ever since it first opened in 1919, El Palace Barcelona has celebrated its deeply rooted art heritage by supporting rising and established artists.

The theme of attaining freedom is inextricably linked to the human desire to express one’s most authentic self in the face of societal expectations, and has fundamental meaning for Velasco. Her ‘Libertad’ series is a journey from childhood to maturity, marked by canvases that represent small but major milestones in her life, including, ‘Juego’ [Game], ‘A salvo’ [Safe], ‘Túnel de amor’ [Tunnel of love], ‘Qué quiero’ [What I want], ‘Hogar’ [Home], ‘Sentir’ [Feel}, ‘Me veo’ [I see me], ‘Todo es ahora’ [Everything is now], ‘Compasión’ [Compassion], ‘Soltar’ [Let go], and ‘Ligereza’ [Lightness]. The series reveals intimate and personal reflections, inviting the spectator to join Velasco on her journey of personal growth.

Despite their abstract nature, Velasco’s works skilfully repeat symbolic elements in order to build a captivating narrative. The colour white symbolises innocence, yellow signifies excitement, various shades of blue represent the adult world, and the pink circle represents the womb, shelter, and love. Laura’s choice of medium is gouache, acrylic, wax pastel, felt-tip pen, and pencil. Her strokes vary in thickness and opacity — a deliberate decision to convey the different attributes of the colours used. Thicker, more opaque strokes are used to express that which oppresses.

Born in Madrid in 1985, Laura graduated with a degree in Advertising and Public Relations. She worked in various communication agencies while experimenting with illustration and calligraphy, first as a hobby and then as a professional endeavour. Initially, she focused on figurative watercolours, and in 2021, began exploring the techniques that now form part of the “Libertad” series. The inspiration behind this shift in focus was twofold: the influence of the Mediterranean following her move to Valencia, and her experiences in therapy that encouraged, and continues to encourage, a profound personal transformation in her life.

Laura Velasco's Art Exhibition
Laura Velasco's Art Exhibition


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