Spirit1919 / Concerts

Diddi DJ

Date: October 19th, Saturday
Hour: 20:00 h.
Venue: Jardín Diana (terraza)
Genre: Chill Out, Swing, Deep/Soulful
Book your table 93 510 11 30 (minimum consumption of 15€)

My style as a DJ, after 18 years of experience in the sector, takes the form of a careful selection between new records and classics of the past (with a predilection for the years ’70, ’80 and ’90). I like to move among the many possibilities that music offers us, depending on the atmosphere of the place, the clientele and the style of the event: Chill Out, Lounge, Funky, Bossanova, Soul, Jazz, Swing .. until we reach the Deep / Soulful and the Tech and Tribal House. I also have all the radio hits, perfect for private parties and for dancing.