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Tori Sparks & Calamento

Date: February 29th, Saturday
Hour: 23:00 h.
Venue: Bluesman Cocktail Bar
Genre: Blues / Flamenco / Fusion
Book your table 93 510 11 30 (minimum consumption of 16€)
Tori Sparks

Since landing in Barcelona via Nashville, Chicago singer Tori Sparks has become one of the undisputed sensations among the musical offerings of the city. Her appropriate combination of flamenco and blues and US grassroots music has led to her latest album, The orchard, i.e. a garden, in her own words, “full of nutritional plants, wild creatures and weeds. It is the piece of land where you plant your expectations, your decisions, your dreams, your hopes, your hatred, your desires, your love, your mistakes.” In The orchard, Sparks concludes, “the fruit of every seed that you planted grows and grows.” Let it happen that wishes may grow at the Bluesman through the voice of Tori Sparks.

Tori Sparks, voice and spanish guitar Pepe Camacho, spanish guitar El Rubio, electric guitar Javi García, percussion Ramón Vague, electric bass