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About VistaJet

VistaJet - Hotel El Palace Barcelona

VistaJet offers global aircraft services unlike any other company in business aviation. With unparalleled experience flying into and out of the hardest to reach destinations, VistaJet has arranged for heads of state, corporate leaders, entrepreneurs and private individuals to fly to 187 countries worldwide.

Every flight is tailored to ensure seamless travel with maximum efficiency so customers can be in more meetings or locations within the shortest period of time. VistaJet's fleet of over 70 private jets is available to customers – with guaranteed availability and no positioning costs for Program Members.

VistaJet connects enterprises to growth markets with a unique product, offering global access on Challenger and Global jets, all suited to flight duration, trip and passenger requirements.

Founded in 2004, VistaJet revolutionized business aviation by pioneering a new way to fly: giving customers access to a fleet of over 70 aircraft around the globe, while paying only for the hours they need. To date, VistaJet passengers have flown to over 1,900 airports in 96% of the world's countries, making it the first and only global aviation company.

Travelling for Business

Ultimate cabin experience

VistaJet - Hotel El Palace Barcelona

Every flight is unique, so every detail is taking care to ensure to enjoy a tailored and unparalleled service. 

VistaJet's cabin design, consistent across the whole fleet, welcomes passengers all over the world. Passengers can use a fully enabled business suite fully equipped to work like at your office.

To ensure passengers enjoy unrivaled service as standard, every VistaJet flight has at least one Cabin Hostess as well as two crew in the flight deck. Pilots only fly one aircraft type, to ensure maximum familiarity and instinctive reactions to any situation, and train twice a year. VistaJet Ltd. Cabin Hostesses are trained by the British Butler Institute, Norland College and Wine & Education Trust.

Travelling for Leisure

Adventures in the sky

VistaJet - Hotel El Palace Barcelona

All passengers can enjoy our private dining selection, created in partnership with some of the world's most renowned chefs and restaurants. Menus change seasonally to bring new flavours with every flight.

The effects of altitude, cabin pressure and air quality mean that selecting the right wine for a flight can be difficult. Flying at 45,000 feet, VistaJet’s Global 6000 has an equivalent air pressure of only 4,500 feet, making many of the sensory effects of air travel less noticeable.

VistaJet offers the most extensive travelers' program for children. Bringing to life extraordinary experiences that combine unique entertainment and educational elements, it is tailored to your child's age and interests to make every journey memorable.

VistaPet has been designed in collaboration with experienced veterinary practitioners, groomers, dieticians and coaches to respond to the needs and challenges faced when traveling with animals.